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EDUC 7108 Module 2 Emerging Technology Tetrad


It revolutionized office work and gave writers the freedom from ink and pen transcribing.
Obsolesce of this sophisticated technology came through similar inventions like the word processor, eventually, replaced over the years by the Computer.
The typewriter evolved from ink and pen transcription to a form of the printed word that replaced in- part the Printing Press. It offers greater functionality and mobility to the work and home.
The emerging technology that replaced the typewriter revolutionized how the written word conveyed. Of course, the typewriter did influence change in the office place, but the computer took office work to a higher degree of professionalism. The computer redefined or removed gender roles in the workplace. Men and women could type documents and letters.


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Created global connection, unlimited resources, and information. Releasing the written word from its previous technologies (handwriting and typewriter) to unlimited and unimaginable capabilities such as, text and images.
The Computer has evolved in size (from tubes to tablets) and capabilities (mobile devices), but does not have a rival technology on the horizon to replace it. The move in computer technology is on lesser dependence on the keyboard, which could potentially render this category obsolete (CBT, 2012).
The Computer has still retains its keyboard from its predecessor the typewriter, with varies modifications in size and style.
The computer shows no signs of obsolesces. This is mainly because Computer scientist and Engineers are moving at a faster pace of inventing computers that are digitalized and linearized; however, our society is still embracing analog and nonlinear devices. Therefore, innovations will take time to be fully integrated into society.



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            I remembered when my mother purchased an automatic typewriter for the house.  She was extremely proud of her for the purchase of a new typewriter.  Mom showed me her first typewriter which was a manual typewriter.  And, she explained to me why the new typewriter was better than the manual typewriter.  I, on the other hand, did not like the new typewriter.  To me, it appeared time consuming and difficult to operate.  Thus, I was more than happy when the computer was invented.  I

What does this technology do that is new?

            From the typewriter to the computer, the improvement of speed and access to the internet is outstanding.  The innovative computer allows individuals to process larger amounts of information within the same timeframe.  Corrections of documents are easier.  The computer allows individuals to multi-task while located in one position.

What does this technology replace?

            The computer replaces the typewriter.  The computer is able to rekindle the radio as well as the tape recorder.

What does this technology bring to mind (or retrieve) from the past?

            The typewriter brings to mind how individual wrote all their documents by hand.  The computer brings to mind individuals with pencils behind their ears in a larger office all typewriting numerous documents.

What might replace this technology in the future, or what might it cause to occur?

            The technology that will replace the current computer is a voice computer.  This computer turns on and off along with completing every task by an individual’s voice.   



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