Saturday, October 13, 2012

EDUC 7108 Module 3 Rhyme of History

The Difference Engine by Charles Babbage (17911871)  
   Image credit: Marcin Wichary; Source: The Computer History Museum

      Most people appear to be nonchalant in their thinking or usage of a computer, laptop, etc.  In 1822, Charles Babbage purposes the development of the Different Engine.  The Different Engine is the first mechanical computer or automatic computer engine concept.  As generations past, inventors merge the principles of Rhymes of History and reconstruct the embodiment of the computer.  Kevin Kelly, in his “The Next 5,00vDays of the Web” speech, renders the notion of the Web as being one global machine and its implications on the future generations.
While, Thornburg statement of Rhymes of History is "The affect or impact of a new development rekindles something from the distant past..."  In this clip from Kelly's speech, he rekindles the ideology of moving society to the next level of social networking systems.  He provides a realistic image of the Web in the next five thousand days.

Computer History Museum.  The Babbage Engine.


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